Weed Barn identity design

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Weed Barn full logo
  • Weed Barn icon logo, reversed
  • Weed Barn logo, single color
  • Weed Barn logo, single color, reversed

About the Project

The Weed Barn identity design was part of my undergraduate graphic design degree program. The assignment was to develop a full identity for a brand or company that included additional supporting materials. I chose to do my design for a ficticious recreational cannabis dispensary located in Denver, Colorado.

About the Company

  • Started on a farm literally selling out of a barn
    • opening an in-town location for customer convenience
  • Clean, friendly atmosphere
  • Collective of local growers contribute product
  • Boutique seller, specializing in organic growing with a focus on the flowers (as opposed to edibles, concentrates, etc)
  • Has a sense of humor

About the Identity

Communication Objective:

Weed Barn is a friendly place to buy top-quality, organically-grown cannabis from local farmers.


A friend, indeed.

Primary Colors:

Font Samples:

Weed Barn fonts

Defining Adjectives:

  • Friendly
  • Organic / natural
  • Community / togetherness

Target Audience:

  • Ages 21–40
  • Middle/Upper-middle class
  • Those that enjoy marijuana, obviously, but those that are new to the plant, as well
  • Shoppers that would frequent places like:
    • Whole Foods
    • Trader Joe’s
  • Shoppers concerned about:
    • Quality product
    • Responsible grow methods
    • Environmentally-friendly business practices

Print Design

Scoop Card:

  • Weed Barn — Scoop card, indica
  • Weed Barn — Scoop card, sativa
  • Weed Barn — Scoop card, hybrid
  • Weed Barn — Scoop card, outside
  • Weed Barn — Scoop card
  • Weed Barn — Scoop Card, business card, and rolling papers

Storefront Design:

  • Weed Barn — Realistic Storefront, day
  • Weed Barn — Storefront, day
  • Weed Barn — Storefront, night
  • Weed Barn — Storefront, night

Stationary Design:

  • Weed Barn — Letterhead
  • Weed Barn — Number 10 Envelope
  • Weed Barn — Die-cut, half-height business card, Jack Blundt
  • Weed Barn — Die-cut, half-height business card, front
  • Weed Barn — Die-cut, half-height business card, Mary J. Roehr-Gittleson
  • Weed Barn — Die-cut, half-height business card, Johnny Richter
  • Weed Barn — Die-cut, half-height business card, Jack Blundt


  • Weed Barn — Wine glass with cannabis
  • Weed Barn — Beer mug with cannabis
  • Weed Barn — Cannabis