About Jesse Kaufman Design

About Myself

Jesse Kaufman

I specialize in logo, web, and graphic design. Let me take your company to the next level by providing a hand-crafted logo or website that represents your company and its values!

I design it all!

About My Process

When building a hand-crafted logo, I have a process I follow to ensure the best possible outcome in the most efficient way possible.

Average turnaround time (from meeting to submission for approval) on most of my logo design projects has averaged about a week, but it varies, of course. I also do not miss reasonable deadlines!

In an effort to protect your financial investment as well as my time, I require 50% of the agreed-upon total before starting.

  1. I meet with you (e-mail works well, too!) to get a feeling for the style and direction of your logo as well as build a list of defining adjectives to be used in feedback/critiques
  2. I spend quality time doing research on the competition, industry, and similar companies/organizations to get an idea of what’s already out there and what’s already been done. This happens before any brainstorming occurs and allows me to understand your company on a level other designers would’t.
  3. I sketch up a number of ideas and then narrow those down to 1–3 logos that will then get fleshed out in Illustrator. Different projects work differently, of course, so it will vary. The timeframe in which the design is needed will also be a factor in the number of ideas presented. Other times, one idea just outshines all others tenfold and there’s no need to waste time on the others.
  4. Sample logo presentation I send you a presentation of your logo (or do one in person), which contains your proposed logo and all variants, an explanation of the design decisions made, an explanation of the visual flow, and real-world example with your logo among other industry logos.
  5. You give me your feedback on the proposed logo(s), I make revisions, and then re-submit for feedback. This process should be relatively short, if I’ve done my job on items 1 and 2.
  6. Once you give the final approval, I finalize everything in Illustrator, create a Logo Use Guide (which just lets you know the proper way to use your logo to keep brand consistency), and provide copies of the various colors of your logo in various formats.
  7. Any time you need a version of your logo for something, you can always e-mail me, too. Since I know the technical details, I can make sure you get the right file format and everything you need for the best possible results!

About My Logos


With every logo I craft, scalability is taken into consideration from the start. This ensures they look great at any size! So many “designers” skip this step and end up with a logo that looks great at 4 inches, but when placed on a business card scaled down to 1 inch, it looks “muddy” or important details disappear completely! This does not happen with my creations!


When designing, I also think about the various places it may be used:

  • screen-printed T-shirts
  • embroidered apparel
  • business cards
  • app icons
  • keychains
  • social media profile photos
  • and any other imaginable merchandise