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Logo Design

When crafting a logo, I do not aim to make something “pretty.” I strive to create a symbol that truly represents your company and its values.

Sativa Caveman — Elite. Delivery. Service.I spend quality time researching your competition, your industry, and similar companies before ever beginning the brainstorming process! This allows me to understand your company on a level others don’t.

Rather than judge a logo on whether it “looks cool” or not, I provide a criteria of defining adjectives used in the critique and feedback process. This helps keep the process on track and gives your company the best logo possible, while saving vast amounts of time by avoiding critiques like “I don't like it.”

See some of my current logos!

A few things I consider when crafting a logo:

  • Embroidery and screen printing on apparel
  • Scaling to small situations (app icon, favicon)
  • Color-matching across mediums

All logo design projects include:

(If applicable / Unless otherwise agreed upon)
  • Full-color on dark background
  • Full-color on light background
  • Single-color on dark background
  • Single-color on light background

At the end of the process, you will receive:

  • Hand-crafted logo in various file formats (print and screen)
  • Logo presentation (in person or electronic) explaining the design decisions behind the logo
  • Logo use guideline / manual (details how best to use the logo)
Let me create a logo specifically for your company!

Website Design

Fully-versed in HTML5 and CSS3, I write all markup and code from scratch. No copy-and-paste “coding” here! I actually understand code.

MCAT CARS websiteAll of my websites are responsive, flexible sites, designed from the ground up to look great on any size of screen—from smartphones and tablets to HDTVs and retina notebooks!

I’ve spent a considerable amount of my life learning (and keeping up-to-date on) web technologies. Starting with HTML3.2 and every version since, I've studied the W3C specifications! I live and breathe web design and development and have for many years!

As a result, things like SEO (search engine optimization), structured data, sitemaps, Google rich-snippets, and social networking sharing metadata (e.g. Open Graph) are items I immerse myself in, so you don’t have to!

See some of my current websites!

A few things I consider when creating a website:

  • Flexible designs that fit all screen sizes
  • Designs that are optimized for retina displays
  • Extremely fast load times
  • App icons, favicons, etc, for all platforms
  • Sharing on social networking
  • Google Analytics (advanced event tracking available)
  • Structured data (helps search engines “understand” your content)
Let me create a website that will optimize your company’s Internet presence!

Print Design

While I’m a child of the digital age, I grew up helping my grandpa in his print shop; I've grown to appreciate the design of physical objects.

In addition to the print shop, I spent many years painting signs for my mom’s sign-painting business, which gave me exposure to designing for unique situations and locations (some easier-to-reach than others)!

I have designed banners, business cards, stationary, hemp rolling paper books, t-shirts, wine bottle labels, and many other items—and I'm always looking for new things to try!

See some of my current design work!

Additional Services:

  • Location / product photography
  • DVD slideshow keepsakes for funerals, weddings, etc.
  • PHP/MySQL web development
  • Hand-thrown ceramics
Let me bring your next project to life!