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About the Company

Strikker Images is a part-time weekend photographer residing in North Newton Kansas and specializing in children and family photography.

She adores the timeless look of film photography and her love for film has been incorporated into her photography style. Her images embrace film grain along with a deep matte look and touches of vibrant colors.

Note the incredible portrait of the Weedy Designer, himself to the right!

About the Identity

When creating the logo for Strikker Images, I drew inspiration from the Hasselblad winged-V logo as well as other 1950s–60s film camera logos. Not only is Hasselblad one of her favorite brands, but it harkens back to an earlier, film era—pulling her love of film photography into the logo, itself.

Primary Colors:

Target Audience:

  • Families, especially mothers
  • Women aged 30–60 (generally)