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About the Organization

The Human Solution International and the United Coalition of Cannabis Activists invites you to pledge your support to end prohibition!

I accept and openly declare to the world my support for the idea that after December 25, 2018, no one in the world will be in prison for any non-violent activity related to the possession, use, cultivation, transportation or sale of marijuana/cannabis/hemp.

If you would like to get more involved you can educate others about the damage The War on Drugs has done to our communities, offer court support to cannabis defendants and help our Prisoners of Weed (POW) by writing a letter in support of them or a personal letter to a POW.

Since 1937, families and communities across the world have suffered at the hand of cannabis prohibition. How can one of the most beneficial plants on earth be illegal? Help us end the atrocity by taking the pledge to end cannabis prohibition.

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