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About the Publication

Founded in 1946 by Cornelius Krahn, Mennonite Life is now an illustrated online annual published by Bethel College that is devoted to exploring and developing Mennonite experience.

Funding provided in part by the Cornelius and Hilda Krahn Mennonite Life Endowment.

The website no longer seems to be maintained or functioning properly.

About the Website

Mennonite Life website

The Mennonite Life website was developed by me from scratch, because Bethel College needed a system to archive past issues of publications in a logical manner and there were no packaged solutions that met my needs.

The database, code, and design were all developed in such a way that the system can host multiple sites using the same database and code, while allowing each site to have its own theme. Context Alumni Magazine and Thresher E-View are two other sites hosted using this system, however neither site seems to be maintained as of 2019.