KBCU-FM 88.1 identity design

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KBCU-FM 88.1 full logo
  • KBCU-FM 88.1 logo icon
  • KBCU-FM 88.1 icon logo, reversed
  • KBCU-FM 88.1 logo, single-color
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About the Company

KBCU-FM 88.1 is a 24-hour non-commercial, not-for-profit radio station that broadcasts from the campus of Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas. A long-standing Bethel College tradition rooted in the 1930s, KBCU has a wide range of student programming, including rock, hip-hop, alternative, Latin, contemporary Christian and sports talk shows, and reaches all of Newton and much of Harvey County.

About the Identity

KBCU-FM 88.1 wanted an updated style for their radio station. The previous logo was quite outdated and very poorly done, so the design possibilities were wide-open. One of the things manager Tim Buller wanted to push as part of the identity was that KBCU is a real radio station, not just an Internet radio station.

This gave me the idea to use a stylized radio in the logo, which ended up creating “U-bot”, the KBCU mascot. The “U-bot” is not only nice to look at, but also evokes an emotional response, with its “cute” look.

KBCU-FM 88.1 “Stay Tuned” promotional posterPrevious incarnations of the radio station used the slogan “All about U” which also gave me the idea to emphasize the letter U in the logo. Within the design, the triangle between the K and B forms a “play” button, and the B and C are highlighted to show the affiliation with Bethel College.

Part of the launch of the identity design was a “Stay Tuned” promotion, including posters throughout campus, and a promotional teaser website.

Defining Adjectives:

  • “Real” radio station, not just Internet-based
  • Simple / stylized
  • Sleek / modern

Target Audience:

  • Current students (“college age”)
  • Prospective students
  • Public

Primary Colors:

Font Samples:

KBCU-FM 88.1 fonts

About the Website

KBCU-FM 88.1 websiteBefore the identity design project started, KBCU only had a one-page existence on the Bethel College website, with very little visual interest. The schedule was an ugly PDF file that was updated each semester, and the streaming player was a generic theme.

As part of the project, I broke out the KBCU page and developed a separate site, including an embedded Twitter feed and stylized streaming player (as well as a mini-player). The schedule is now an interactive schedule that updates in real-time to show what program is currently on the air.

Additional Design Work

  • KBCU-FM 88.1 Stay Tuned poster
  • KBCU-FM 88.1 Introducing poster
  • KBCU-FM 88.1 letterhead
  • KBCU-FM 88.1 envelope
  • KBCU-FM 88.1 business card front
  • KBCU-FM 88.1 business card back
  • KBCU-FM 88.1 shirt