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About the Company

In with the New offers you ThetaHealing® and Holistic Life Coaching Services for different avenues of your life.

Through individual sessions, you will receive guidance to help identify your own amazing talents and abilities, and be able to remove blocks, stories and beliefs that no longer serve you to allow room for clarity and meaning. Thus being able to manifest for your life!

About the Identity

The In with the New logo started out a bit differently than most, since the owner’s relative had already drawn a phoenix for her previous website. I traced the original, cleaned up the lines, and modified the curve in the tail to wrap around the word “In” in the logo.

The colors in the logo are the colors of the chakra, in order, starting with the tip of the phoenix tail, moving up through the body, and ending with the head.

Primary Colors:

Font Samples:

In with the New fonts

About the Website

The In with the New website is a pretty standard website. Five pages, total, mostly informational, with a contact form. In addition, the client is using PayPal buttons for the online payment portion of her business.

As with every website I create, the In with the New website is a responsive site, with great care paid to how it appears on all devices. The website uses primarily vector-based images, which makes the site exceptionally fast to load. Open Graph (Facebook) and Twitter sharing support, in addition to Google sitemap, breadcrumbs, and structured data are also included in every website.