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Newton Community Channel 7 logo
  • Newton Community Channel 7 logo, reversed

About the Company

The Newton Channel 7 (Cox Channel 7 in Newton, Kansas) is brought to you by the Newton Community Channel Cooperative partners:

The Newton Channel service is for messages to announce one-time or special events or programs in the Newton, KS area.

About the Logo

The Newton Community Channel 7 logo is meant to give the feeling of a broadcasted signal, with the three crescent shapes. The colors red, green, and blue were specifically chosen because they are the primary colors used in light. Mixing these colors in different combinations, you are able to see millions of colors on your TV or computer screen. Rather than use straight red, green, and blue, I opted for a bit of a “retro” feel by using stylized versions.

Primary Colors

Font Samples

Newton Community Channel 7 fonts

About the Website

The Newton Community Channel 7 website is a very basic, single-page website with a contact form that was put together in a few hours. There’s really not much to it, since all they really needed was the contact form for submitting content.