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CBD Life full logo
  • CBD Life icon logo, reversed
  • CBD Life icon logo, black
  • CBD Life icon logo, black reversed

About the Company

CBD Life provides the highest-quality CBD-only products. With an emphasis on education about CBD products, they will be serving the San Diego area with a phsyical store in addition to their upcoming website.

About the Identity

Primary Colors:

The nice, calming primary blue color accentuates the feeling of calmness and relaxation associated with the brand. Blue is also associated with brands that are seen as reputable and trustworthy.

Defining Adjectives

  • Wholistic health
  • Calmness
  • Relaxation
  • Clean
  • Modern

Defining Characteristics

  • Focus on education
  • Reputable, not sketchy like many competing or similar businesses
  • Quality products with quality information

Target Audience:

  • 30–50 somethings that are health-conscious and have expendable income
  • Those likely to shop at places like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s
  • Those likely to purchase brands such as Apple, Adidas, and Gap

Brand Feel

The overall feel of the brand is based along the lines of many “lifestyle” brands, such as Adidas and Gap, since the store will be selling a multitude of products, not limited to any one area or category. This provides a very flexible identity that can continue to grow as the company expands, and can also offer the ability to create official CBD Life merchandise that could be sold alongside the CBD products.

Logo Flow and Symbolism

The curvilinear lines in the "CBD" portion of the logo create a recirculating effect. This starts with the “C,” then loops around the front of the “D,” which keeps your eye contained within the logo. The “B” is flipped to accentuate the connectedness between the three letters. This emphasizes the idea of “wholeness” and creates a smooth, continuous flow in the logo.

The clean, round lines give a feeling of calm, stability, and, combined with the color blue, give a feeling of being reputable and trustworthy.

About the Website

The CBD Life website was initially designed and setup by me, however maintenance has since been handed off.

Print Design

  • CBD Life business card
  • Sativa Caveman / CBD Life dual business card