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About the Publication

Bethel College (Kansas) is a four-year, private, primarily residential, liberal arts college. It is the oldest Mennonite college in North America.

About the Website

Bethel College Alumni Magazine website

Note: In 2018, the design as well as the CMS powering the Bethel College website has been replaced.

The content management system (CMS) that powers the Bethel College website was developed by me from scratch, because Bethel College needed a system that was easy-to-use, and better than WordPress or a similar setup.

The current design was created by me, starting with targeting mobile devices, then fleshing it out fully for desktop users. As with all of my websites, it is responsive and is designed to look great and be user-friendly on any device!

I did not design the Bethel College logo, nor am I in charge of writing content, organization, or photography on the website, however, I do handle all edits and manage the website, iteself.

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