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Lift Every Voice logo
  • Lift Every Voice logo, reversed

About the Organization

Lift Every Voice is a community arts organization committed to social justice and nonviolence, celebrating diversity through creative expression.

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About the Identity

Logo Rationale: Arrow Symbolism

The upward movement of the arrow is not a straight line, because progress is not a straight line. With every forward movement often comes backward movement—however, it still adds up to progress over time. Additionally, the logo is set at a slight angle, which reinforces this forward movement.

The arrow weaves through the words in the logo—a direct reference to the inaugural Lift Every Voice event (yarn project) and a reminder that we all have common threads running through us, despite our differences. With the arrow running between each word, it causes the logo to be read with authority, leaving no room for misinterpretation or limiting which voices.

Lift. Every. Voice.

Logo Rationale: Style & Color

Black and white were chosen as the primary colors for a few reasons. First, (since this is a non-profit, low-budget organization) this drastically reduces the cost of any print work. In most cases, this means single-color printing: black on white material or, for example, something like a shirt, white on black (or other dark color).

This also simplifies making colors match when printing some items on a home printer and others through a print shop. No color = no colors to become mismatched! This also allows for the addition of color through the use of photography from Lift Every Voice events, such as those on this page.

Second, the simple, no-frills black-and-white color scheme goes well with a “grass roots” or “pop-up” organization. The misprinted screen print effect on the logo furthers this feel as well as appeals to youth by giving it a more “edgy” appearance.

Logo Presentation

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